Tetris [1984]

What can you say about Tetris [1984]? Nothing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6mPHfJTpYk Marek Biliński - Po Drugiej Stronie Świata [1984] I know it's different for everyone, but me, I think in full sentences. Even simple things, like hunger or pain or sensing temperature, are mediated through concrete and often surprisingly verbose language. It's not that I can't imagine … Continue reading Tetris [1984]

Lifespan [1983]

There's a YouTube playlist I quite like called "Art Games Have Always Existed." I only have one problem with it: "Always" is a big word. It's the foundational premise of this blog that all games are art and it's high time we started treating them all like it, but the "art game" is something entirely … Continue reading Lifespan [1983]

Magnavox Odyssey [1971] + Pong [1972]

The most famous Magnavox Odyssey game is Table Tennis. It was the direct inspiration for Pong, and there is an infamous lawsuit decided in Magnavox's favor to that effect, which became famously the first of decades of copyright trolling putting up a hundreds-of-millions tollbooth on the mere concept of video games at home. If we … Continue reading Magnavox Odyssey [1971] + Pong [1972]