Maniac Mansion [1987]

The following post is presented in the fabulous and rare FIRST-DRAFT-O-VISION. Normally I would either delete the irrelevant and pointless crossed out portions or rearrange and rethink them so they did amount to a point. Not this time, though! This time I gave up just to get something out. My high school English teacher said … Continue reading Maniac Mansion [1987]

The Twilight Zone’s Opening Volley (Patreon Bonus)

I just watched the first 8 episodes of The Twilight Zone and I got inspired by them, so I thought I'd write about them to get them out of my system to see if reading my thoughts on them and potentially thoughts about the other random media works I happen to experience in the future … Continue reading The Twilight Zone’s Opening Volley (Patreon Bonus)

A Mind Forever Voyaging [1985]

(Content warnings: My suicide attempts. Racism against black and Asian people. Animal cruelty. Police brutality. Fascism.) Continued. Around these parts it feels like the world never even started. That's by design. Trust me, I've helped build these rows of tract housing at a remove from the cities. Not even suburbia, which is immediately adjoining a … Continue reading A Mind Forever Voyaging [1985]

Lunar Lander [1979]

Lunar Lander [1979], at first blush, seems an incongruous fit for the arcade. It must be intentional as an attempted marketing strategy for floorspace in the ever-more competitive competitive arcade ecosystem. It's austere, maybe serious, adult, even intellectual. Slow, certainly. Methodical: Twitchy, nick-of-time reactions will get you nowhere here, you need to commit to medium-term … Continue reading Lunar Lander [1979]